Are you struggling to get your vehicle insurance company to pay for a car accident claim? If so, you can challenge their decision and present them with facts to persuade them to make the proper settlement. While having your insurance claim deemed "Closed Without Pay" is frustrating, know that it is possible for you to change this outcome.

What You Should Expect

When you purchase car insurance, you are essentially buying the ability to take the proper course of action if you are involved in a car accident. Your car insurance company provides drivers and their family with financial support if the accident results in property loss, physical injury, death, or long-term medical treatment. With some policies, even if the accident isn’t your fault and the other person doesn’t have insurance, you can still receive compensation.

Why They Can Deny Your Claim

In certain cases, you may not have purchased the required coverage to receive benefit payments for the particular claim you submitted. At other times, insurance companies will identify unusual costs of repairs or services and deem it as a fraudulent claim. If your claim gets rejected for the above reasons, you are entitled to know the exact reasons for the rejection. Sometimes it may be simply due to a computer glitch within the claims process. If you can't get your claim resolved, hire a car accident lawyer to look into the matter.

Avoid Fraudulent Claims

Your car insurance company may decline to pay for untruthful claims. For instance, if your claim involves old car body damage that is listed as new damage, your claim will likely be rightfully denied. Fraudulent claims result in insurance companies losing lots of money every year, so they have a system in place to identify if claims are real and honestly stated. If your claim is proven fraudulent, law enforcement may be notified and possible criminal charges could result.


If settlement on your claim seems delayed, call your car insurance company and ask them directly about your claim payment. Follow up on this phone call with a letter, sending it by certified mail for evidence of delivery. If your communications with the company continue to break down and go nowhere, get a car accident lawyer involved. An attorney can review you’re your claim and all your files and determine if your insurance company has an obligation to pay.